Handgun Essentials Course


See "Course Fees" page.


1. Must be at least 21 years old

Course Description:

Our course is designed for beginners and individuals who have limited experience with handguns.  Our course is entirely instructor-led, hands on and thoroughly focuses on all-around safety and learning the essential fundamentals of operating and shooting a handgun.

Our course includes time in the classroom and the shooting range learning the essential fundamentals for using handguns safely.  Just some of what students will learn are our Universal Firearm Safety Rules, handgun parts and operation, ammunition parts and operation, shooting fundamentals, cleaning the handgun, and much more.

Required Equipment:

1. Safe, functioning .22LR to .45ACP caliber handgun (semi-automatic or revolver)

​2. 50 rounds of ammunition for your handgun

3. Proper eye (prescription eyeglasses qualify) and ear protection

4. Closed-toed shoes.  Open-toed shoes/sandals are not allowed.

5. Weather appropriate clothing, i.e. sunglasses/jacket/hat, etc.