NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course 

The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course introduces students to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. Through this course, the students will learn about pistol parts and operation, ammunition, gun safety, pistol shooting fundamentals, and pistol shooting activities. The Basic Pistol Course will also help prepare the student for participation in other NRA courses.  

What You Will Learn

Gun Safety Rules 
Types of Pistols
Understanding a Revolver & a Semi-Automatic Pistol
The Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
Shooting Positions 
Pistol Shooting Errors 
Clearing Pistol Stoppages
Cleaning and Maintenance
Selecting Pistols, Ammunition & Accessories
Maintaining Your Skills

Required Equipment:
1. Safe, functioning .22LR to .45ACP caliber handgun (semi-automatic or revolver)
​2. 50 rounds of ammunition for your handgun
3. Proper eye (prescription eyeglasses qualify) and ear protection

4. Closed-toed shoes.  Open-toed shoes/sandals are not allowed.
5. Weather appropriate clothing, i.e. sunglasses/jacket/hat, etc.